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Hi I’m TeRina Waikawa and I partner with an Established Global Company in the the Personal Development and Success Coaching Industry.  I would like to share with you a business that has truly changed my life and others.

Have you heard of ‘The Law of Attraction’? Our business is based upon this philosophy, we will assist you to achieve your financial goals and your future goals.

This is what this business can do for you:
– Global Opportunity
– Lucrative Compensation Plan
– Proven Marketing Plan
– Passive and Residual Income
– International Travel

What this business doesn’t do:
– Hassle family and friends
– We do not spam (unsolicited email)
– We don’t do home parties
– We don’t cold call people
– We don’t stock product

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme then this opportunity is not for you.  We work with people who are at a point in their lives where they are ready to take their future to the next level.  This is not something for nothing, so what you put into the business is definitely what you will get out of it.

If you are truly looking for an opportunity to change your life and live like the 1% of people then this business maybe for you.



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My Journey


My Journey

Hi my name is TeRina and I live in South Australia (Adelaide) with my partner and my two children. I moved to Australia from New Zealand to be closer to my parents.

I worked as a Support Worker for the disabled and got promoted to Regional Rostering Officer. I had been doing this for the past 9 1/2years although this job was exciting and challenging, financially I was just not getting anywhere. At this point I was also looking at my parents who were approaching their early 60’s, both of them working in the Meat Works (Abattoir) and their bodies slowly breaking down.

I didn’t want to get to their age and still living week to week with no savings (basically just getting by), so I went looking for an alternative. I found this business from an ad on Facebook offering me the things that I was looking for. I was looking for freedom and flexibility (my youngest grew up in daycare and spent 2 years in Out Of School Hours Care) and financial freedom.

I started this journey in January 2018 while working my full time job and in October 2018 I was able to give up my full time job and work this business around my family. I have enjoyed the little things like walking my youngest to school, attending her school activities and just being able to enjoy the sunshine instead of being stuck in an office.

Did I ever see myself working a business from home? No I honestly thought this is how we live life by going to work and working until you are about 60-65 years and then living the rest of your life doing what you want to do. How wrong was I? Why should I have to wait for the golden years to do what I want in life or wait until my children have left the nest?

I am so grateful that I found this business it has allowed me to watch my youngest grow up, do things with her where I don’t have to apply for leave from work and only having to work a couple hours day.

What are you waiting for? The way of the future is online!


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We offer a world class income opportunity and award winning Personal Development courses to men and women in more than 100 countries around the world.

People who get involved with our community tend to have an interest in their own growth and development and appreciate the supportive and positive vibe of our community. An opportunity to draw upon support and make friends with like minded people from all around the world.

We work with professionals, stay at home mum and dads, coaches, business owners and other qualified candidates who are ready to reap the rewards of business ownership.

This is a people business. So you are guided through every step of the process. We understand that to succeed in the world of online business that video module training, coupled with real live and hands on support is the way to success.

Our success is your success. You need someone to take you through the entire process. A step by step approach that sees even those without previous experience gain the ability to implement and action.

After requesting details and free information you will hear some amazing testimonials of our successful clients but understand every person creating incredible results put in the work and paid the price of success.

If you’re ready for out of the box results and ready to take big bold action to achieve those results then reach out to see if you’re a good fit.

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